THE Secret Sockciety

Setting a new sock standard

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Many Earthly sockwearers are blissfully unaware of the resources and processes involved in ensuring comfortable warmth for your feet on a daily basis. To preserve the limited remaining beauty of our planet, the members of Secret Sockciety started a quest to create a beautiful sock story, by always designing and producing every sock with a social purpose and an environmental sustainability mission. From recycled materials, to exploring the sustainability of bamboo lyocell socks, we aim to make socks with less water & land intensive materials, free of harmful chemicals. We are always searching for the most sustainable available solution, and to manufacture this close to home.


Building a Cradle to Grave Sustainable Sock Brand

Our Sock Story

The members of the Secret Sockciety want to set a new sock standard. No more chemically produced, resource-intensive socks imported from across the globe. We want comfortable socks, made from sustainable materials farmed close to home, without using harmful chemicals and polluting ecosystems. The socks need to have a long lifespan, and a cool design made by a good artist. This should not be too much to ask for?

Turns out that these kind of socks are difficult to find, and even more difficult to make. Many brands do not disclose their suppliers, and even if they do, the suppliers do not disclose where their yarn comes from. This also leaves a lot of room for greenwashing practices. This begs the question: When is a sock truly sustainable?