The members of the Secret Sockciety started this venture in 2023 with an ambitious idea - to improve transparency in the fashion industry through making a genuinely sustainable item of clothing. We all wear, need, and buy socks, and most Earthlings do not spend too much time thinking about them. We want to change this by providing customers with not only a beautifully designed, sustainable sock, but also through providing more information about their socks. What materials are your socks made of? Why are these materials (more) sustainable? Where do these materials come from? What kind of processes are involved in making the product that keeps your feet warm? We believe that providing the answer to such questions should be part of selling or buying any products, which is why the Secret Sockciety aims to set a new standard for transparency & sustainability when it comes to fashion.

How are we planning to do this?

Secret Sockciety is currently very carefully selecting a manufacturing partner for our hand-drawn designs. To achieve the shortest possible supply chain, all materials have to be grown, processed, manufactured, distributed, and sold in Europe. Alongside the proximity and length of the supply chain, the materials used to make the socks are of utmost importance. Conventional socks are usually made from a blend of regular cotton and synthetic fibers. Cotton requires a large amount of land, water, and pesticides to grow, whereas synthetic fibers often require harmful chemicals in the manufacturing stage. Luckily, there are numerous options for more sustainable alternatives. This is how the Secret Sockciety mission originated.

Secret Sockciety Board

We have made sustainability our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we try to live by this principle every day in the considerations and choices we make. We are also involved in several other sustainable initiatives, and want to share knowledge and help other businesses make better choices. Need some help in understanding your business impact, and making more sustainable choices in the future? Feel free to contact us.

Romany Sascha Boertjes

M.Sc. Sustainable business SCIENCE & Innovation



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